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Indeed Spring has Sprung!

Each year we do the dance from one season to another. Perhaps the most exciting for our family is the transition from Winter to Spring.

Living in the North means that for us warmer weather takes a little longer to get here. We are still  excited when the calendar signifies that Spring has indeed sprung, though for us the wait is a little longer!

The end of winter typically comes with weariness and oftentimes exhaustion.

It’s usually a season where one needs to “pursue it with all your being - Never give up though your energy diminish; the rewards will ultimately be seen”, as mentioned on the website

Spring signifies a new start - a beginning of sorts. It’s the end of greys and browns - the start of green, growth and colours. An opportunity to look forward to the crops coming out of limbo onwards to shine in their glory. A time to start producing. It’s a season of growth.

Like the crops coming out of the ground, let us focus on the resetting of our minds. Perhaps we need some reminders that we are good enough, that we can do it! That we have what at it takes. Daily affirmations are a good way to remind us of this and resets our minds continually. Continue to affirm “I AM Enough”


Indeed Spring has Sprung! Likewise, let us spring forth with the renewing of our minds. Dust off the greys and March toward the colours of tomorrow.

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We never grow tired of seeing the resilience too, that spring signifies.
Beth-Ann Jacobs

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