Left brain or right brain - hone your creative skills!

Left brain or right brain - hone your creative skills!

‘Creativity’, ‘innovation’, and ‘content creator’ are more than just buzzwords these days. For too long, these words meant specific professions and vocations for a specific category of people with specific skills which, it was felt, you were either born with it, or not.

But we know that it’s hardly so today. More and more, people are exploring their formerly ‘hidden’ talents, enjoying new discoveries about themselves and learning a lot in the process. I love how creativity is inclusive and fun; I love how the internet and social media facilitate it.

Cara’s Custom Designs is a perfect example: it is a testament to what happens when someone has a desire and chooses to pursue it.

One never knows how far it will take them: you may start by printing T’shirts and end up working with laser machines to design wood art. The possibilities are endless; the reach is unimaginable.

The resulting new-found confidence can also open doors of opportunities you didn’t dream possible - suddenly you are content writer, course developer, IT specialist, marketer, or branding specialist. These were always there, just looking for an opportunity to come out!

Exploring your creative side allows you find and develop skillsets that currently lay dormant, waiting to be developed.

In other words, never let your inner critic tell you only about ‘left brain capabilities’. Just START! It might just be the launchpad to that next step into your dreams!

For some it is an avenue to unwind; for others, it becomes a vocation. And if you don’t want to create, just remember that there is always someone out there capable of bringing to life all the ideas, thoughts and craftiness you can conjure up in your head.

Check out Cara’s website at www.carascustomdesigns.com, and there you will find a host of projects and possibilities that will help you hone in on your creative skills.

And if you don’t see it there just remember: if you can dream it, we can make it.

I am hoping to hear from you!
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