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The Easter Season - how do you celebrate the down time?

Easter means different things to different people. To some, it’s about the Easter Bunny who brings treats for the kids. To others it is a Christian occasion celebrating the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For some there is no such thing called ‘Easter’.

How one observes Easter is therefore a personal choice which depends on their personal belief system. Some go wholeheartedly into full Easter decor. There is usually a little time-off from work to spend time with your family.

This Easter period gives you the opportunity to do various things including engaging in the Easter Egg hunt, displaying Easter decor such as the Cross, the Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny trays or even a DIY craft kit you can work on as a family. 

A DIY craft kit allows you to create family memories together, whether at Easter time or any other time of the year!

How do you celebrate Easter? Are there traditions you typically have? Share with us! We’d love to get a glimpse of your own personal way of doing this thing called Easter!
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